Can a daughter's relationship with her father influence her view of the Divine? Harry's post-war life was littered with brokenness and grief, loss and rejection. A British soldier in World War II, he was captured by Nazi forces in France as he defended his country at both Dunkirk and St Valery in 1940. He struggled with inner conflict and anger, which often threatened to destroy his relationships and family. Now, as he danced his ten-year-old little girl around the ballroom of a ship journeying from Britain to a new life in Australia, he left an eternal impression.

Dancing with My Daddy contrasts both the endearing and imperfect and explores how each of us can grow and learn from life's relationships, as we see our Abba (‘Daddy') in Heaven a little more clearly.

“The Grand Ballroom, decked out for a fine evening of entertainment, was resplendent with colour and romantic atmosphere. On our arrival the room had caught us with its magnificence as my daddy and I stepped, arm in arm, across the threshold. We had entered into another world—one of music, laughter and the magic that is created by those intent on the enjoyment of the moment. Stooping down just a little, he had turned to me and asked, ‘Shall we dance?’”

The vital role played by the relationship between father and daughter is often hindered by life’s hurts and difficulties. The protection, nurture and covering originally intended often goes awry, and daughters, because of this, find themselves measuring God with the measure shaped by their earthly dad.

Dancing with My Daddy is every daughter’s on and discover that perhaps your Heavenly Father is different to what you thought, and your relationship with Him can grow because of it.

“I am confident that Dancing with My Daddy will be like life to many of you who read it...”

- Darlene Zschech - Pastor and Worship Leader

“By beautifully sharing her own journey Valery shows ... there is a perfect Father in heaven who loves, values, adores, & delights in you.”

- Christine Caine - Equip & Empower Ministries

“... this will open the human soul and connect the reader with the grace and goodness of God.”

- Pastor Bobbie Houston - Hillsong Church, Australia

“Valery has asked the tough questions, and worked through the issues many of us face.”

- Pastor Sharon Kelly - Wave Church, Virginia Beach, U.S.A.